Wynjammer Superchargers 11/25/07

This warranty is the exclusive warranty offered by
Wynjammer Superchargers and no employee or agent may modify or waive its terms and or conditions.

The above warranty will not apply to defects resulting from the following items:

1.  Abuse, accident, improper installation,  tampering, only repair and or service to be done by  Wynjammer .

2. Shipping and handling charges.

3. Normal wear and tear.

4. Voiding of your other warranties, damage to power or drive train components, vehicle's emission system . obtaining Warranty Service:

All Wynjammer Superchargers,  must be returned to Wynjammer Superchargers
(pre-paid by customer).
Wynjammer will return the products to the customer ground
freight only, (pre-paid by Wynjammer ,  Other shipping available at the customer's expense.
We recommend that you save the original shipping container and that you insure your shipment for full replacement value. Normally over the counter replacement will take place.
Pulleys , Ducts, Idler Assemblies have a 1 year warranty .  Drive Belts Have No warranty
Warranty changes may be added or deleted at any time, only  by Wynjammer Superchargers Management.

To help us serve you better we please call one of the following phone numbers,for service or other problems.
CALL (602) 971-5554

Please Note that this is an aftermarket product. This may be concidered for racing or offroad.   Expectation may
be exceded or may not excede your expectations. Performance will alway be some what different between
installations because of  wear-age-modifications-normal maintenance ie. Plugs, wires. Etc.

Kits installed and run are concidered used and may not be returned . New Kits never installed will have a
25% restocking Fee.

Warranty Validation: Your Name andAddress and Invoice #  Date of Purchase

 If the supercharger is installed by the dealer, the date of installation will be the validating date. All mail order
purchases will have 7 Delivery days will be added to the warranty.

If Kit is shipped to you. You  will have a week before the warranty begins.

Wynjammer Superchargers   TM
2 Year Warranty