Some Modification's Needed Before and After Supercharging
Wynjammer Superchargers TM

Updated 11/07/16

#1 Spark Plugs - 1 to 2 ranges cooler set plugs .035 to .040 -higher the pressure the closer the gap . GM 4.3-5.7 I recommend the Champion 406 plugs as they are 2 steps colder.( For Summer )

#2 Injectors -? Depending on the application, boost, engine status (Stock or Modified)
Wynjammer Now has a Modified fuel system for the 96-04 GM 4.3-5.7 Vortec and 1996 - 02 GM 5. Vortec engine -stock 19lb to 36lb -48lb - 62lb injector system Click on link
#3 Larger Volume fuel pump GM 4.3 & 5.7 -A new pump is in order to be replaced because of age,etc. When using 36lb Injection, use a TRE In Tank 255 LPH Fuel Pump (877-514-9494) Fuel Pump These pumps are high pressure Hi Volume
#4 MSD Blaster coil or Crane - Accel Super Coil. Hotter the spark bigger the Bang.

#5 Electric Fan or Fans . To get rid of the power robbing mechanical fan assembly and clutch. The claims are 12 to 18 horsepower to drive the steel fan assembly. Your Local Wrecking Yard may have a 2005 and up GM electric Fan Assembly /Fan control(Flex a lite 400-31165 a Jegs) for 1 or 2 fans

#6 185-195 deg thermostat - This is the engine's best operating temperature for power.
#7 Relief Valve - Wynjammer has a new Pressure Relief Valve nstall in Pressure bonnet

#8 Headers - I recommend The JBA or Pacesetter  Shorty Ceramic Coated headers

#9 Boost Gage . When purchasing buy one that has a wide sweep for easy read. Hook gage to the pressure Bonnet - not the manifold. . Wynjammer adds Pressure & Water Meth Ports on the Pressure Bonnet

#10 Ignition wires & Distributor - How old are your ignition wires. The heat from your engine causes the wires to breakdown and cause leakage. Just another power lost. Check out the 8.5mm wires. Hi Performance wires are preferred over Stock or over cheep replacements. Replace Distributor as the Crab cap will fail and jump between leads under cap. Find a stand up Cap type Distributor- Acel or MSD

#1 1 Air Filter .-Keep Clean at all times. It's unbelieveable the debris that is collected on the air filter. S&B - K&N are Best for the track.

#12 Shift Kits- The programmer can firm up the shift but a shift kit will be the cure. Plus add Billet or Corvette servo If you have tall tires Larger Fuel System or are Racing I recommend you Install a TCIs Shift Kit . PCM wil be changed for taller tires and rear end gears if changed

#13 The GM trucks have weak motor mounts and should be changed to the Energy Suspension Polyurethane Engine & Transmount . The Transmount usually goes first. Changing the mounts will stop a lot of problems that will happen such as the engine fan going in the radiator. Things wearing out because of excessive engine movement.

#14 We have found that the GM 411 PCM(LS Type) can give you additional power by deleting the mas air and going speed density. 2 Bar Mapping for better fuel mapping. Check out ( )
Jim is Wynjammers PCM Programmer.

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