1998 1st Gen GM 4.3

First Mono Drive w/Cog Drive Belt

1995 GM 454 #1
1999 Ford 4.2 #1
1990 Mercury Marine Engine
Tacoma 3400
1995 GM 454 #2
1997 Ford 5.4 

Since 1993 Ideas from 1959
Some of the supercharged vehicles and other toys that

I have done and been a part of it's creation.

Wynjammer Superchargers TM
Dynoed & Installed in boat for test
  One Off kit
My Street Bike
Internal Cog Drive
Internal Cog Drive
Internal Cog Drive
Internal Cog Drive Blowers
Internal Cog Drive
Internal Cog Drive
Internal Cog Drive
Internal Cog Drive
1994 Cobra R
1994 Mustang GT
Click on Pictures to enlarge
Wynjammer X Drive
1996 Mustang GT

1997 Mustang Cobra

Serpentine Drive

Serpentine Drive
1997 to 1999

1996 NY Auto Show Vehicle
Built 1989-1000CC

See what 5lbs Boost does on
a Junk Yard Engine

 One Off kit made

1915  Model T  w/Hemi engine
built in 1958

My 1988 Pontiac GTA 383
1992 GMC 5.7 #1
1992 GMC 5.7 #2

01 Corvette LS1
         5.7 Kit

1999 GMC 5.7 1st GEN

Kit Car Project- For Corson Motor Car Co.

I manufactured the following for this project.
Axels, Engine to Trans Adapter, Flywheel,
Engine Mounts, Belt Idler Pulley
This is only one of the Projects that I did for Paxton Superchargers.
1995 Mark 8 Lincoln with the First 4.6 W/DOHC Engine.
This vehicle was shown in the 1995 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.
This is one of the Projects that I did for Paxton superchargers.
1995 Ford Thunderbird, single overhead cam 4.6.
This vehicle was Shown at the 1996 SEMA show in Las Vegas
Kits I designed for Paxton 1994-98 are the following. 

GM 454 1988-95
Ford 460 Truck
Ford 460 Van V-8
Ford Explorer V-6 - 4.0
Ford Explorer V-8 - 5.0
Ford 5.0  Mustang  83-93
Ford Mustang  1996 4.6 GT SOHC
1996 Mark 8 Lincoln w/DOHC 4.6
1996 Thunderbird w/SOHC 4.6
This is a project that I did around 1997
This is a Ferrari  P2 V-12  Engine that 
I Converted the  Cam chain drive to Cog Drive Belt
Converted the Webber Carbs for EFI fuel injection,
Converted the engine to dry sump oil pump.
Engine to transmission adapter to run Porsche Transmission,
Flywheel ,Fluid Dampner etc.
This vehicle won at Daytona in the vintage races
Ferrari P-2
Ferrari V-12 Engine

Dual Control M/C for Driver Training
1971 - Sold Coast to Coast

Updated 11/07/16
My Shelby Cobra Project
I was OEM for McCluskey LTD  then  OEM for Shelby America 1990 thru 1998
I duplicated parts from the original cobra for Shelby's new series Cobra, 100 Pcs of everything.
From Bumper to Bumper- Upper & Lower Steering shafts- Steering Tubes- Steering Wheel Mount Disc
-All frame mounts- Dash lights- Brake-Clutch Levers- Pedal box assembly- Aluminum side vents-
Emergency  Brake Handle assembly-  Door Post Sleves-Top- Post Sleeve-Oil filter engine mount
Throttle pedal assembly-  Side pipe mounts-  Respline steering box shaft -Slave cylinder Mount-
Visor & wind wing Brackets- Sway Bar brackets and shock mounts- Brake Handle Ratchet plate

and frame weldments. Etc.
This is the first Prime-after being glazed and sanded.
Next 2 primes w/ feather fill and sanded. 100 + hrs labor
Then assemble- by installing the Windsheild, doors, seats
Hood and truck, Head lights, Tail lights etc.
I have 2 miles of testing on this vehicle.
This is my Cobra that I built in 1990 It took six months to build
Then I put it into storage. An now I will put it on the road
This is the SC427 Racing Version-No Frills
Now to make it street worthy
This is the chassis before the body is installed  - driveable

When it all started 1959
I bought my first Supercharger,
671 w/ Scott Injection

This was my Hemi Chrysler
Powered 55 Chevy

My Blown 1988 Pontiac GTA
1941 Stearman-1st Place Oshkosh
Check out Gas Prices
This car was made from ground up with just the
origional Tag, The car had been wrecked and burned to the ground-McClusky LTD  performed his Majic and
 made it live again. I made parts for this car.
Mike was making the $500K Cobras for Shelby
and that's how I got involved with the Shelby Project.

First Mono Drive w/Cog Drive Belt (1994)

My 1988 Pontiac GTA 383
Click to see paint  Project and EFI Powerjection
383 Engine to be installed This July
  My laydown Fuel Drag Bike

This is a 1941 Stearman BiPlane, Was totatly rebuilt as shown in
2000 hours by Greg Barnett- Greg in Plane to left
Greg flew this plane from phoenix to Oshgosh Air Show.
This plane was the Show stopper and won the first place.
It had $40,000 in gold plating $20,000+ in painting.
I had the privledge machining and fabricating parts for this project.
I was in the picture to the left when they were doing a photo shoot for an Aircraft Magazine.

New Upgrades that Shelby Forgot to make this Really streetable
New Pictures coming soon as soon as it cools down.

I maybe upgrading to FI Tech Fuel Injection -  as you need to rebuild
the holley every time you want to drive the vehicle if you let
the vehicle set for a couple months.
Black short pile rug to be installed on floor under the seats.
The outside & Inside header's are going to be ceramic coated to keep them cool.
More Heat shielding on the inside of the header heat sheilds
I removed all aluminum sheet metal - Powdercoated and covered the
rear side with a sound deadening and heat shelding.
to keep the road noise and tinnyness down to a dull roar
I have added a fuel gage so no guessing when I will run out

This became the Terrible  "T"
This lighting Changed Hollywood - Square Wave AC Lighting - Used on Both Olympics ,
 GM Commercials, Major Motion Pictures, I Manfactured these for about 15 Years
6000Watt or 12000Watt Light
1200 Watt Par Light
2500 Watt single end Bulb
4000Watt and 6000 Watt
Single end lamps also made
1000 cc  Bore -Aluminum Rods-Mallory Mag
Dual 40 DCOE Webber Carbs- My Custom Frame
& Quad spring Custom wide Glide Girder &
Centerline15" wide Rim and tire, 4 into one header
Custom Rear spool with disc brake,  Custom Seat
Built 4 July Weekend 1971
1996 NY Auto Show Vehicle
The Terminator