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1997-2003  S10 2.2L Cog Drive Supercharger Kit

Wynjammer's  Patented External Cog Driven Superchargers have been Tested and Proven since 1993 .
Wynjammer Superchargers are light in weight.  Kits are Simplistic in design for easy installation.
Wynjammer Superchargers have a Cooler Air Discharge making for consistant boost pressure, Run after Run.
Wynjammer Superchargers TM

You MUST be 18 Years Old to buy this kit and Prove IT!!

All Sales are final -With Exception 25% restocking Fee within 30 days

Mod's Needed Before you Supercharge
A good  Electric Radiator fans.
Highest CFM possible

                   2.2L Supercharger Project.

Supercharger installation & Mod's- this vehicle has 150k+ on it

#1- Parts Removal - Pictures and written documentation to view -DONE
#2- Clutch fan Removal -DONE
#3- Electric Fan Install with a Fan controller -DONE
#4- Install Dual Exhaust -DONE
#5- Removal of PCM and Install New .-Having Dyno Tuned - DONE
#6- Ceramic Coated (PaceSetter) Header Installed -DONE
#7- Crank pulley Installation.  -DONE
#8- Supercharger Mount Installation. -DONE
#9- Supercharger Installation -DONE
#10-Pressure Duct Installation. -DONE
#11- MSD Coils Installed on the top front of Engine Valve cover- DONE
#12- MSD 8.5 Ignition wires- DONE
#13- AutoMeter Digital Tach-DONE
#14- Dakota Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge-DONE
#15- Innovate Digital Air/Fuel Gauge-DONE
#16- Wynjammer 10lb pressure Gauge-DONE
#17- Auburn Posi unit-to be installed -DONE
#18- Lakewood Traction Bars installed - DONE
#19- Hi-Torque Cog Dr Belt- DONE
#20- Jegs 8" Aluminum Wheels installed-DONE
#21- Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection System-DONE
#22- Tilt Stearing column-DONE
#23- Installing Billet Grill for Looks -DONE

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Updated    3/06/12
Flexalite 400-31165 Fan controller  (JEGS)
Ugrade's - For The GM 2.2L

Parts: Upgrades
Coil Bracket Assembly w/Hardware (Price Coming)
Pressure Relief Valve Assembly (add $72.00)
Hi-Torque Cog Drive belt  (add $30.00 w/New Kit)

Upgrade- - Pressure relief valve installed
Coil Pack has been moved to the top front of
valve cover.
Air Temp Sensor
Boost Pressure Port

Add MSD Coils

MSD 8.5 Wires

$2310.00 + shipping
Basic GM 2.2L Wynjammer Supercharger Kit

Three Guage Pod with Digital Wide Band 02
10lb Boost Guage, Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge
Digital Autometer Tach
Hurst Short Shifter Installed
NV1500  3910112
Lakewood Traction Bars Installed
Jegs Alum  8"wheels Rear and  7"Fronts
New High Torque belt Installed
Two  12" or one 16" Hi CFM Fans
MSD Coils
Pressure Relief Valve (UpGrade)
Valve Cover Coil Bracket installed-Closer to  plugs, shorter the wires better the Spark, cooler
Coils work better

Snow Performance
Methanol - Water System

Dash Lights Tank Empty Red
Meth -Water Injection On Green
Injector in front of Throttle
Pump Installed
Controller attached w/Tee Fitting
Injector Installed in
connector -1/8 NPT
Tapped Hole

Used  Add a circuit
for power source

Pressure Relief Valve installed