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1999-06 GM S10 2.2L Cog Drive Supercharger Kit

Wynjammer's  Patented External Cog Driven Superchargers have been Tested and Proven over 11 years.
Wynjammer Superchargers are light in weight.  Kits are Simplistic in design for easy installation.
Wynjammer Superchargers have a Cooler Air Discharge making for consistant boost pressure, Run after Run.

You MUST be 18 Years Old to buy this kit and Prove IT!!

All Sales are final -With Exception 25% restocking Fee within 30 days

Mod's Needed Before you Supercharge
A good  Electric Radiator fans.
Highest CFM possible

          GM 2.2L Supercharger Project.

         I am doing a step by step of the installation
           on S10 that I purchased for this project.

#1- Parts Removal - Pictures and written documentation to view - DONE
#2- Clutch fan Removal - DONE
#3- Electric Fan Install with a Fan controller - DONE
#4- Injector Removal and Installation.
#5- Removal of PCM and Install New -PCM.- DONE
#6- Removal of Exhaust manifold and install of Header.
#7- Crank pulley Installation.  - DONE
#8- Supercharger Mount Installation. - DONE
#9- Supercharger Installation - DONE
#10-Pressure Duct Installation. - DONE
#11-Do Dyno Runs with results, Programmed PCM stock Injectors

        A step by step  so any one can do this installation
Pricing and other important Information to come at a later date.

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Supercharger Kit comes with Programmed  PCM  
Updated    02/03/10
Flexalite 400-31165 Fan controller  (JEGS)
Tools -Parts &  Ugrade's - For The GM 2.2L
Fan Wrenches

12" Fans
Radiator Holddown Brackets
Coil Bracket Assembly w/Hardware & Coil wire extentions.

Pressure Relief Valve Asm at time of sale
Coil Pack Relocation-when avaliable
31 lb Fuel Injectors-when available
38 lb Fuel Injectors-when avaliable
Pressure relief valve installedCoil Pack has been moved to the top front of valve cover.
Pressure Relief valve Has been added - Pic Below
Coil Pack has been moved to top front of the valve cover  - Pic Below
Hope to do the 30lb injectors this weeend or next
I have a new High Torque belt, I will be Driving testing the 2.2L like I stole it
for a good test.