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        Wynjammer Superchargers is a Subsidiary of A.L.Martin Inc.

Newest Gen 111 F/S Kit
Full Size Truck GM-GMC
Tahoe - Denali
2 Yr Warranty

CNC Billet T-6 Aluminum Impeller
CNC Aluminum T-6 Anodized Mount
90 Deg S/C etc.

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1998 thru 2003 S10
GM 2.2L

 New 96 to 04 
 GEN 111 GM S10 4.3 Kit


Check out the 36lb  Fuel System

       GM 4.3-57 Fullsize Truck 
  97-03 GM 2.2l Supercharger kit
Supercharging the 2.2L since 2005

+ Shipping/Ins

CNC Billet T-6 Impeller
Aluminum Anodized
Mount-90 Deg S/C etc.

1996-2004 GM S10 4.3
GMC Bravada - 2 Yr Warranty

CNC Aluminum Anodized
Mount-S/C etc.

$2850.00 + Shipping w/ Ins
GM-GMC  1500 & 2500
w/Hot Rod Intake

98-04 GM 4.8-5.3  Gen3

Only Patented and Proven Mono Drive Supercharger System
with Patented Internal and External drive sytems
Since 1993 -- Celebrating  22  Years of Manufacturing
Wynjammer Superchargers & kits

Wynjammer is not connected with General Motors or  GMC or any other Automotive manufacture- We only make after market performance  parts to fit these vehicles.

Born in the USA
in The USA


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